About Willow Creek Lowchens

I got my first Lowchen when I was 13 from my very good friend and mentor, Donna Jones, of Musicbox Lowchen. From then on I was hooked and haven't turned back. I have been lucky enough to have her guidance along the way and because of that I have accomplished more than I ever thought I could.

The name WillowCreek is very special to me. We rescued a mix from the shelter when I was 7 years old, her name was Willow. I started training her to do tricks and went to many obedience and some agility classes with her. At the time mix breeds could not do agility so our training stopped there. When she was 5 she got hit by a car and was killed, I was devastated. We decided to bury her beside the creek that ran through our back yard beside a willow tree. When I started trying to think of a kennel name I could not think of a better one than Willow Creek. She is the reason I started showing dogs and the reason I love what I do. 

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